NCG opens plastics recycling facility in Germany

Company adds to its plastic drum recycling services.

February 26, 2014
RTGE Staff
Legislation & Regulations Plastics

National Container Group, a subsidiary of Germany-based Mauser Group, has expanded its plastic scrap processing activities in Europe with the opening of a recycling center in Erkelenz, Germany. As part of its global network of more than 25 reconditioning sites, NCG in Europe offers collection, washing and remanufacturing of used composite intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and drums from 10 locations in Europe.

NCG was founded in 1988 in North America, where it established what it calls the first nationwide collection service for IBCs. The company operates a network of locations worldwide for the collection service.

Mauser/NCG says the new recycling line is expected to generate high-quality recycled polyethylene material from used industrial plastic packaging and IBCs.

“With the growth of our European network and the expansion of our service portfolio into reconditioning of plastic packaging, we saw the need to take a look at responsible material recycling of plastic packaging no longer suitable for reconditioning”, says Ernest van den Boogerd, managing director of NCG Europe.

“Industrial plastics packaging mainly is produced from low-melt flow polyethylene materials, and during its phase of use often comes in contact with various chemicals,” he continues. “Its material recycling process needs specific attention and equipment that we could not find when looking at existing recycling capabilities in the European market. Therefore, we took the decision to set up our own recycling line. Plastic packaging materials no longer suitable for reuse are sorted and graded in terms of quality in each NCG location before being sent as cut, baled and pre-cleaned material to our new European recycling center in Erkelenz. Knowing the history of our materials is essential for generating high-quality recycled plastics.”