MTB Recycling announces joint venture with Erdmann of Germany

Group also constructs new manufacturing and service facility in France and introduces a hybrid shredder.

May 29, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
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MTB Group and Erdmann have partnered to create the shredder solutions company MTB Recyclingtechnik GmbH based in Germany. From left, Christian Schroll, MTB GmbH; Jean-Philippe Fusier, MTB Group; and Mickaël Bohlefeld, MTB GmbH.

During the recent IFAT exhibition held in May 2014 in Munich, shredder and recycling systems supplier MTB Recycling, based in Trept, France, announced several strategic initiatives aimed at better serving the company's worldwide customer base.

The group introduced the CRX 2000 Hybrid Shredder. This machine allows users to change shafts. The shredder can be delivered as a rotary shear with two cutting shafts or as a ripper with two massive shafts designed for breaking, according to MTB. This design makes it possible for recyclers to have two types of operations from one machine.

Also announced was the founding of MTB Recyclingtechnik GmbH. This joint venture between MTB and German company Erdmann will combine the competencies of both firms to serve customers in Germany and Austria. The new venture is intended to provide recyclers within this region with local sales and service support as well as to offer unique solutions available through MTB.

MTB Group's new facility in France.

The construction of a new state-of-the-art production facility in France also was announced. MTB reports that the new facility will support the MTB line as well as the activities of its partner companies. Operations at the new facility will include final assembly of MTB machinery as well as heavy machining for critical parts such as rotors. Featuring a high-tech turning mill, the facility is designed to allow critical, precision machining functions to be brought in-house and under MTB control.

The shredder manufacturer also profiled two of its important customers during the IFAT exhibition. One of the profiles focused on GUMI IMPEX, a Croatian tyre recycling firm which has been running an MTB production line for 10 years — 42,000 hours — with no operational problems, the company says.

OLSHAK, a munitions recycler based in Israel, was also profiled as the firm has been running the first MTB shredder sold commercially for 35 years, MTB says.