MSI Launches New Line of Crane Scales

Company says its new line of crane scales can control weight data wirelessly.

October 26, 2012
Waterways Today

Measurement Systems International (MSI), Seattle, has launched a new generation of its MSI-4260 and MSI-3460 crane scale models. The company says the new scales can add remote display functionality.

According to MSI, the company’s Challenger and Port-A-Weigh line of crane scales have been enhanced to improve the functionality of both models. The enhancements will allow both models to use MSI’s new MSI-8000 RF remote display.

The company says that adding the MSI-8000 RF remote display compatibility is a major advantage for field-proven products. According to Kyle McKinney, MSI sales representative, adding the MSI-8000 RF Remote Display compatibility is a major advantage for the company’s product lines. “Our MSI-8000 offers users the added advantage of seeing and controlling weight data wirelessly from a safe distance.”

The company notes that the MSI-8000 has been industry tested for reliable use at distances up to 100 feet and uses a rechargeable battery for a minimum 24 hours of continuous use.

The company adds that with the addition of remote-capability enhancements, the MSI-4260 electronics were completely refreshed from the ground up to include MSI’s exclusive ScaleCore technology, the company’s most advanced weight-processor package, which offers improved speed and performance.

The MSI-4260 includes a durable marine-strength bulkhead casting, and an upgraded display package for better visibility in low-light settings. An upgrade package is available to customers with original MSI-4260 and MSI-3460 equipment.

Additional information on the MSI-3460, MSI 4260, MSI-8000 RF remote display or other MSI products is avialable at

MSI is a division of Rice Lake Weighing Systems, which is headquartered in Rice Lake, Wis., and has support facilities in North America, South America, India and the Netherlands.