MRAI will next meet in Goa, India

MRAI will next meet in Goa, India

Indian metals recycling association will meet in Goa, India, Jan. 17-19, 2018.

September 5, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
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The Metal Recycling Association of India (MRAI) has announced that its Fifth International Indian Metals Recycling Conference will take place Jan. 17-19, 2018, at the Hotel Grand Hyatt, in Goa, India.


The MRAI says at its previous four conferences it has drawn an average of 1,000 delegates, of which about 300 come from outside of India. “This is the big opportunity for individuals to introduce their business in the international market,” the MRAI says in its announcement of the conference dates and venue. “More than 1,300 delegates are expected to attend this conference in Goa from the world over.”


The organization says the Goa conference “will deliver comprehensive market-driven information on metal recycling in India,” and the event will focus on several aspects of both the ferrous and nonferrous scrap trade in India.


Presentations at the MRAI conference will address topics that include:


  • market reports on metal recycling in India;
  • discussions on government policies that affect the import and trade of scrap in India;
  • quality standards and inspection procedures pertaining to the international trade of scrap metal;
  • discussions of shipping lines, customs duties and pre-shipment inspection; and
  • panel discussions on emerging opportunities, challenges and trends in the scrap industry in India and around the world.

More information about the event, including how to register, can be found on this web page.

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