MPI Introduces “Power Booster” Magnets

Company says the hybrid magnets offer the benefits of both rare earth and ceramic magnets.

January 29, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

Magnetic Products Inc. (MPI), based in Highland, Mich., has introduced a hybrid “power booster” magnet to its line of magnetic and nonmagnetic material-handling products.

In a release, MPI says that its hybrid magnets combine the holding power of a rare earth magnet with the reach-out of ceramic magnets. By “marrying” the materials, hybrid magnets offer unparalleled product protection and tramp metal control, MPI says. The company notes that hybrid magnets provide the right mix of magnetic material to ensure maximum tramp metal capture.

MPI integrates its hybrid “power booster” magnet material into its line of plate magnets, magnetic chutes, free-flow magnets, drum separators and suspended magnets.

MPI has been providing magnetic and non-magnetic material handling solutions for a variety of industries for more than 30 years.