Mervis Gets OK to Build New Facility

Scrap metal recycler plans to build recycling buyback center in Urbana, Ill.

January 24, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
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The Urbana, Ill., City Council has unanimously approved an agreement with Mervis Industries Inc. and the Illinois Department of Designer's rendering of Mervis' planned Urbana, Ill., facility.Transportation that allows the recycling company to build a public drop-off and buyback recycling facility at a former drive-in movie theater.

According to one published report, the project is expected to cost $1.5 million and will cover 10 acres, though the company expects to use only half of the land at the present time.

Mike Mervis, a director with Mervis Industries, headquartered in Danville, Ill., says the new facility would be located “inside our existing footprint.” While industrial scrapping has been a big part of the company’s business, Mervis says the new facility is being designed to be more consumer-friendly. Recognizing the changing environment for manufacturing in the United States, Mervis says the operation is geared more toward attracting retail business.

“Everyone is looking to increase their throughput,” Mervis says. “One way is to build a facility that attracts new people. We are aiming to emphasize convenience.”

He adds, “The new facility will allow us greater flexibility."

In addition to taking in ferrous and nonferrous metals, the new recycling center also will be set up to take in obsolete electronics, plastic scrap and old corrugated containers.

Mervis adds that with the exception of draining liquids from automobiles delivered to the location, no processing will take place there.

To ensure the new site remains aesthetically neutral, the company plans on planting trees around the site. The site also will have asphalt covering most of the yard.

Mervis adds that the company was able to make a very convincing case to the city. “We have our reputation and explained our plans with charges and diagrams. We worked very closely with the city planners.”

Tom Falender, Mervis’ director of marketing, adds that the goal is for the new site to carry no inventory. “We will take all the material to our industrial yards in Danville.”

While the company has received most approvals to begin construction, it is waiting for final approval from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).

Mervis adds that once the company receives final approval from all government agencies, they expect construction to be completed as soon as the end of the third quarter of 2012.

Mervis has nearly 20 locations in Indiana, Illinois and Texas.