Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

The staff of the Recycling Today Media Group would like to wish everyone a happy and joyous holiday season.

December 24, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
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The Recycling Today Media Group would like to wish everyone a warm and wonderful holiday season. Without your patronage we would not enjoy the success our company has had over the 50 years we have been in business.

Several members of the Recycling Today Group around the Christmas Giving Tree. (Lisa McKenna, RTGE managing editor, sitting far left; and Megan Workman, associate editor, sitting second from right)

Happy Holidays.

The Christmas tree that is included in this item is located in the lobby of the office building where Recycling Today is located. A number of the presents under the Christmas tree were purchased by staff of Recycling Today and donated to needy families under the “Giving Tree” program that Recycling Today, as well as our parent company GIE Media, is involved in.

Happy Holidays,

James R. Keefe, Publisher
Brian Taylor, Editor
DeAnne Toto, Managing Editor, Recycling Today Media Group
Dan Sandoval, Senior Editor
Lisa McKenna, Managing Editor, Recycling Today Global Edition
Kristin Smith, Managing Editor, Construction & Demolition Recycling, Renewable Energy From Waste
Megan Workman, Associate Editor
Diana DiRienzo Senior Account Executive, Midwest/Canada
Marty Smith, Account Executive, Southeast
Jennifer May, Account Executive, Northeast
Ed Gallo, Account Executive, West
Brian Olesinski, Midwest
Michelle Wisniewski, Advertising Production Coordinator
Karen Angus, Managing Art Director
Amy Peppers, Market Coordinator