Mavrix Welding Automation upgrades its dual-torch hard-surfacing system

Mavrix Welding Automation upgrades its dual-torch hard-surfacing system

Company says improved system now installs in less than 30 minutes and features single pendant control.

November 29, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
Auto Shredding Equipment & Products

New Berlin, Wisconsin-based Mavrix Welding Automation Inc. has redesigned its dual-torch shredder disc rebuild system. The company says the system features an improved mounting system and open carriage design that reduces installation time to 30 minutes or less. The dual-torch system can apply 50 pounds of weld metal per hour, significantly shortening downtime, the frequency of maintenance events and the cost per ton of scrap, according to Mavrix.

Mavrix says it custom builds its systems so they can be integrated with all hammer-type shredders with disc rotors, including those from Metso-Texas Shredder, Riverside Engineering, Newell, TSC, Wendt and American Pulverizer. Mavrix says it has installed systems around the country, working closely with many manufacturers to ensure its products fit precisely to the shredder system.

The dual-torch disc rebuild system includes two weld carriages that support the weld arm and adjustable open arc torches, wire feeders and 60-pound coils of wire. The carriage with the new opening design allows the main beam and legs to be installed first and the carriages second, significantly reducing the weight of the system and making installation easier.

Mavrix says it has consolidated the controls into a single hand-held pendant that allows the operator to be mobile yet maintain control. The pendant frees the operator to maintain a safe distance from welding fumes yet keep complete control over voltage, amperage, rotation speed and circumferential step-over. With remote start/stop, the operator can pause at any time to inspect the work and simply begin again without out worrying about “wire whiskers” because a built-in burn-back circuit eliminates the welding wire sticking to the work piece, according to the manufacturer.

The disc rebuild system works well with Stood 110MC, a modified high-chromium-manganese-steel-metal-cored wire designed for parts subject to severe impact loading. This wire allows the system to be used in a single wire welding solution; there is no need to build up with one product and then change over to a hard-facing wire, Mavrix says. A single-wire solution reduces stocking requirements and eliminates concern with residual hard facing material when returning for subsequent build events.

Stoody 110MC has great welder appeal, low slag, goes down softly and work hardens to 55 HRC (Rockwell Scale of Hardness, part C), according to Mavrix, which is an authorized distributor of Stoody wire products.

Mavrix is a specialty manufacturer of automated hard-facing and metal buildup systems used to resurface equipment in the shredding, pulverizing, grinding, crushing, steel mill, ID/OD pipe, hard banding and custom welding automation applications. More information is available from President and owner Glen Senger at or by calling 262-439-8477.