Market2Mill Now Reports Sorted Office Paper

Forest2Market’s service also reports OCC export pricing.

January 31, 2013
SDB Staff
Market2Mill, the recovered fiber price report and benchmark from Charlotte, N.C.-based Forest2Market, is now reporting sorted office paper (SOP) and export old corrugated containers (OCC) prices and market trends. In addition, prices are now being reported for the California/Nevada subregion.
“These changes are in response to the feedback we receive from our customers,” says Suzanne Hearn, vice president of marketing and sales at Forest2Market. “Our goal is to report on all recovered paper grades, and as we have customers that request the addition of grades to the report, we will work with all of our subscribers to meet the reporting requirements.”
She adds, “We aim to add transparency to recovered fiber pricing so that so that our customers can make better informed decisions. Supply and demand are the only factors that should affect price in an efficient market and, to that end, we will continue to strengthen Market2Mill reports by adding grades.”
Launched in April 2011, Market2Mill has already undergone several expansions, according to Forest2Market. While the initial reports covered DLK (double-lined kraft) and OCC, Forest2Market accumulated enough data to split OCC prices into two categories: those traded under contract and those traded on the open market.
“With the inclusion of SOP prices in our price report and benchmarks, document destruction companies will—for the first time—have the tools they need to compare their performance to, and improve their performance against, the market,” Hearn says. 
“And export markets have been drawing high volumes of fiber away from the U.S. domestic supply,” she adds. “The strength of demand coming out of Asia in particular has created a price differential between export and domestic markets. By adding export prices to our reports, Market2Mill subscribers will have a global picture of the market.”
Market2Mill reports volume weighted average prices derived from actual transactions submitted by subscribers, who use the benchmark to assess their performance against the market and to develop forward-looking pricing strategies.
Forest2Market provides market pricing data and supply-chain expertise to customers in the forest, wood products, pulp and paper, recovered fiber, lumber and bioenergy industries.