Mallin Brothers Reaches Milestone

Missouri-based metal recycling company is celebrating its 85th year in business.

March 27, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

Mallin Bros. Co. Inc., a Kansas City, Mo.-based scrap metal recycling firm, is celebrating 85 years in the scrap metal recycling industry.

The company began in 1928 with Harry Mallin, on a horse-drawn wagon, purchasing scrap materials such as bottles, rags, magazines, copper, aluminum and scrap iron from residents.

Over the course of more than eight decades, the company has expanded its operations to include considerable processing capacity, and has become one of the largest wire processing facilities in the country. The company says it is able to process insulated copper and aluminum wire in an environmentally friendly and cost efficient manner.

Jeffrey Mallin, company president and the third generation of the Mallin family to run the company, says, “My father was so forward thinking in his approach to processing wire. He created a special niche for our company in the recycling industry that has been very successful.

“We are in our 45th year of processing wire and are very excited about our plans for some brand new technologies coming on stream this year, including a solar power addition,” Mallin adds.

Utilities, wire manufacturers, electrical contractors and other recyclers make up the majority of the customer base that generates scrap wire for the Mallin Brothers operation. Additionally, Mallin says being centrally located in the Midwest also has provided the company with a major logistical advantage.

Jeffrey Mallin also says he has benefited from the expertise and tradition passed down to him from his father, Larry Mallin, CEO of the company. “I am lucky to have a business partner that not only shares his wealth of 60-plus years of business experience with me but also really enjoys working together, and I feel the same way,” he comments. “My grandfather, uncle and father taught me that honesty, integrity, and perseverance are the characteristics needed to be successful in business and in life. I guess 85 years and still going strong validate their teachings.”