L&P Wire-Tie Promotes Duranneal Wire

Company says customers can save up to 25 percent by using Duranneal wire.

May 21, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
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L&P Wire-Tie, Carthage, Mo., has announced that its Duranneal wire, produced in the United States, is a 100-percent annealed wire composed of specialized steel. The company says the wire, available in gauges 9 through 12 , features a unique chemistry and production process that produces a stronger, more durable wire than industry standards. The wire’s properties come from a cold-drawing process, combined with a specialized heat treatment process to achieve superior characteristics, the company says.

L&P Wire Tie says the process results in high ductility and durability with a higher yield point to allow careful control of thickness and surface texture, equating to a wire as strong as traditional larger gauge wire, offering users the potential of up to 25 percent more straps per pound of wire.

“The bottom line is operators can use less wire and save money,” says Jim York, president of L&P Wire-Tie. “We changed the chemistry, but the strength and dependability that operators need is still there. With Duranneal, the same number of straps per bale — or fewer — can be used, but with less wire and no loss in integrity.”