Austrian Scrap Firm Buys Two Swiss Companies

Loacker Recycling expands its business with the purchase of MF Hügler and Gotthard Schnyder.

November 5, 2013
RTGE Staff
Legislation & Regulations

Austria-based recycling company Loacker Recycling has agreed to acquire two Swiss recycling companies: MF Hügler AG and the Gotthard Schnyder AG. Completion of the deal is contingent on approval from European antitrust agencies.

Loacker has more than 40 production sites and 700 employees in seven European countries and already has a presence in the Swiss market.

Karl Loacker, CEO of Loacker Recycling, says, “The purchase for us is a logical and strategic step in our corporate development in Switzerland. Scrap metal recycling is important in times of scarce resources.”

M.F. Hügler, founded in 1907, specializes in processing scrap metal, recovered fiber, old corrugated containers and plastics. The company has two locations in Switzerland: Dubendorf and Birmensdorf. Gotthard Schnyder, with a single location in Emmen, Switzerland, focuses on scrap iron and metal recycling.

Combined, the two companies being acquired handle around 220,000 metric tons of recyclables per year. Both companies also are ISO 9001/14001 certified.

"With Loacker Recycling we have a group of companies with the same superior quality ideas,” says Marco Trautmann, CEO of Die Entsorger, the parent company of MF Hügler and Gotthard Schnyder. “We both benefit from the expertise and experience of others. The merger will ensure that we can continue to perform at the highest level of our operations in the future.”