Lindner-Recyclingtech honored with third Global CemFuels Award

Lindner-Recyclingtech honored with third Global CemFuels Award

Shredding company has received the award for “Most innovative technology for the use of alternative fuels” three times.

March 4, 2016
Waste Today Staff
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Lindner's Michael Lackner, Manuel Lindner, Gerd Tischner accept award at 10th Global CemFuels Conference.

Austria-based Lindner Recyclingtech was honored at the 10th Global CemFuels Conference and Exhibition in Prague. The shredder manufacturer was honored for the third time, in the award in the category “Most innovative technology for the use of alternative fuels.”

The Global CemFuels Conference and Exhibition focuses on alternative fuels, particularly for the cement and lime industry. The 2016 event, held Feb. 22 and 23 attracted 170 participants from over 30 countries.

“Since we were privileged to receive this awards already in 2009 and 2014, it is all the more pleasing that Lindner-Recyclingtech again was the only shredding equipment manufacturer to be honored by the trust of its customers,” says explains CEO, Manuel Lindner. “Our shredding systems ease of operation and the reliability of our belt drive have clearly convinced our clients in the cement and lime industry”

Lindner belt drives have already performed over 2 million operational hours and what the company describes as a "robust and virtually maintenance-free system" used in the Jupiter series of primary shredders and the Komet series of secondary shredders, offers customers ergonomic accessibility through compact design, low energy consumption by using the kinetic energy stored in the fly wheels as well as simple belt changes that do not require a specialist, according to the company.

"The University of Kassel already validated the efficiency of our belt-drive system last year. Now we are even more delighted that our customers acknowledge Lindner's meticulous research efforts", says Peter Schiffer, R&D Manager at Lindner Recyclingtech. Process stability is assured through automatic decoupling should material get trapped in the shredder.

To stay close to the needs of its customers in the future, Lindner says it will enlarge its R&D center to around 1,000 square meters yet this year. Customer requirement are verified on these test systems and results are subsequently implemented into production. 
More than 1,200 Lindner shredders are in operation worldwide at cement plants, waste treatment facilities and in the recycling industry.