La Farga and Danieli sign agreement

La Farga and Danieli sign agreement

Danieli to sell La Farga’s copper recycling technology.

June 19, 2017
RTGE Staff

Pictured above, seated: Alessandro Trivillin, co-CEO of Danieli, and Oriol Guixà, CEO and president of La Farga 

La Farga, the Spanish copper recycling company, says it has signed an agreement with the Italian company Danieli, which specializes in manufacturing equipment and plants for the ferrous metals industry. The agreement is designed to bolster the sale of La Farga’s technology and leadership in the field of copper and its alloys.

May 31, 2017, La Farga signed the agreement with Danieli to reinforce one of its strategic initiatives—the sale of its technology. To date La Farga has transferred its technology and knowledge to more than 30 plants worldwide, the company says.

The agreement allows both companies to strengthen their competitiveness and their global positioning, La Farga says.

Inka Guixà, La Farga managing director, says, “With the signing of this agreement, La Farga will offer a new service in the copper plant market, transferring its know-how, its technological process and its experience at the hands of a highly trained team with extensive experience worldwide.”

The company, headed by Oriol Guixà, says it will accompany its new clients in this line of business in implementing its technology and launching into the market.

“By signing this agreement, the copper market has acquired a new reliable partner: Danieli & Co. Officine Meccaniche Spa, together with La Farga," Danieli says. "Two companies with full knowledge of technology, the world’s copper and the refining process."

The agreement comes as Danieli is expanding into nonferrous metals processing and allows the company to take advantage of La Farga’s knowledge to adapt its technological offering to working with copper.