Dutch recycler purchases custom-designed Sennebogen handler

Koster Metalen adds 850 R Electro with crawler undercarriage to cover a work area at its Bevervijk, Netherlands, scrap metal yard.

May 15, 2014
RTGE Staff
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Kuiken Group N.V., a Dutch distribution firm specializing in construction equipment, crane and material handling, recycling and port equipment, has delivered a new Sennebogen 850 R Electro to the scrap metal company Koster Metalen B.V. in the Netherlands. Kuiken is the distributor for firms such as Sennebogen, Volvo Construction Equipment, Sandvik, Perlini, Terex Port Equipment and MAFI.
Koster Metalen’s new electrically powered Sennebogen 850 R Special. 
Koster Metalen, in business for more than 80 years, processes both ferrous and nonferrous metals. The company estimates that it handles about 450,000 tons of material each year while pursuing the goal of achieving a recycling rate close to 100 percent.
Recently, the company added a new Sennebogen 850 R Electro at its scrapyard in Bevervijk, Netherlands. Sennebogen says the electrically powered 850 R is designed to operate reliably and with low energy costs. 
According to Sennebogen, the machine, with 250-kilowatt (kW) drive power, was designed to meet the customer's requirements. The 850 R Electro offers a reach of up to 21 meters and a 5-meter mask elevation, allowing the handler to cover an area of 1,400 square meters. 
Koster Metalen’s Electro features a crawler undercarriage with 4.9-meter track width, as well as Sennebogen’s maXcab Industry comfort cab, which can be variably adjusted in height by 2.7 meters, at a height of more than 10 meters. The adjustability is designed to allow operators to optimize the view of scrap materials and the scrap metal shears, Sennebogen says. The Sennebogen 850 R Electro has a perimeter railing on the upper-carriage and walkways around the mast.
Michel de Pagter, manager of Koster, notes that the handler offers robust workmanship and many safety components. “We anticipate lower operating costs and service costs and a longer service life than comparable diesel machines can provide,” says Pagter. “We can handle minor maintenance tasks ourselves, thanks to the well-designed machine structure. For regular maintenance and spare parts supply we rely on the dependable service offered by Kuiken N.V.” 
Operator Freek van Stein says the handler’s elevated maXcab offers a good overview of the work area and the handler’s inclined windshield, surroundings cameras and lighting package are effective when charging the scrap metal shears.