KLW Plastics to Open New Atlanta Facility

New plant has the flexibility to produce tight-head containers with either post-consumer or virgin resin.

September 17, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products Plastics

KLW Plastics, based in Monroe, Ohio, is opening a new plastics manufacturing facility in Atlanta. The company expects to officially open the facility, the third for KLW, on Sept. 19.

The new facility will allow the company to manufacture plastic containers from either virgin resins or post-consumer plastic scrap.

“The opening of this Atlanta plant will pioneer a new technology, used in the automotive industry, but never before offered in the tight-head plastic container market in the U.S.,” says Mike Legeza, president of KLW Plastics. “We have a DOT (Department of Transportation) exemption that no one else has to allow transportation of regulated materials in KLW containers made with 60 percent post-consumer resin.”

The equipment to be used at the plant will be manufactured by Kautex Group, together with resin technology and a collaborative relationship with NOVA Chemicals. In regards to the new equipment, Legeza notes, “This will enable KLW to make huge strides in environmental sustainability, while still delivering quality and service unheard of in the tight-head plastic container industry.”

The equipment being installed allow for KLW’s patented wall thickness control systems, which assist in forming containers with consistent wall thickness, strength, reliability and full UN rating with less plastic, less weight and about 18 percent less energy comsumption in production, the company says. In addition to using advanced technology, the company also notes that the new plant will leverage KLW’s focus on product supply and contribute to its 99 percent on-time shipment rate.

The new plant is about 50,000 square feet and will employ 25 to 30 employees. The company has been in business for eight years.