Electronics Recycling Asia: Ambitious Plans for Plastic

Electronics Recycling Asia: Ambitious Plans for Plastic

South China’s Kingfa seeks to quintuple its plastic recycling efforts.

November 14, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
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Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co. Ltd. ,  based in Guangzhou, China, has risen in less than two decades to become the fourth largest plastics producer in the world, according to Steven Tan, an associate director in the company’s Circulation Economical Project Department.

While hosting a tour group from the Electronics Recycling Asia conference, Tan said In 2012 Kingfa will produce as much as 2 million metric tons of plastic. While much of that is virgin plastic production, Tan said the company will produce some 150,000 to 160,000 metric tons of recycled-content plastic using about 100,000 metric tons of plastic scrap.

Kingfa’s near-term goals for recycled-content plastic are much more ambitious, with Tan saying the company has an internal goal of using some 500,000 metric tons of plastic scrap by 2015.

Tan said electronics and automotive customers are both seeking to increase their use of recycled-content plastic. “This requirement is growing very fast,” he commented.

The company’s Guangzhou showroom features several different types of automotive and consumer electronics components made from its plastic, including some computer and monitor housings.

The Kingfa showroom also presents a timeline of the company’s rapid growth from its start in 1993 until the present. The company operates a sprawling 340,000-square-meter plant in Guangzhou (with 79 production lines) as well as sizable facilities near Shanghai, in Tianjin, China, and in China’s Sichuan Province.

Tan said Kingfa is anxious to meet and work with more plastic scrap suppliers in the next several years as it ramps up its recycled-content plastic production.

Among the plastic scrap grades it is most commonly seeking are polypropylene (PP) for the automotive sector and engineered plastics such as HIPS and ABS on the consumer electronics side.

The Electronics Recycling Asia conference, organized by ICM AG, is being held Nov. 13-16 in Guangzhou, China.