ISRI updates its "Scrap Specifications Circular"

Association adds thorn-aluminum breakage to the circular.

July 30, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), Washington, has added a new grade to its "Scrap Specifications Circular 2014." Thorn-aluminum breakage, according to ISRI, consists of aluminum with miscellaneous contaminants, such as iron, dirt, plastic and other types of contaminants. Material can either be sold based on aluminum recovery or content as agreed upon by the buyer and seller, ISRI says. The new grade also must contain a minimum of 33 percent aluminum unless otherwise agreed upon by buyer and seller, ISRI notes

The decision to add the grade to ISRI’s specifications was approved by ISRI’s nonferrous division and the association’s board of directors.

Joe Pickard, ISRI chief economist and director of commodities, notes the importance of the "Scrap Specifications Circular" to the recycling industry.

Pickard says, “As the range of commercially recyclable commodities continues to evolve, ISRI’s specifications are frequently reviewed and updated to reflect what is actually being traded in the scrap marketplace.

“This new specification will serve to bring more clarity to an important aluminum scrap grade that was not previously covered under ISRI specifications,” Pickard adds.

The "Scrap Specifications Circular" contains standard specifications that are intended to assist market participants in the buying and selling of their materials and products.

The commodities included in the circular include ferrous and nonferrous metal, paper, plastics, electronics, rubber and glass.