ISRI board to consider proposed specifications for MRF glass and inbound MRF mixed recyclables

Association’s Paper and Plastics Divisions recently approved these specifications.

January 13, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
Glass Municipal / IC&I

The board of directors for the Washington-based Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) will consider adding new specifications for glass and inbound mixed recyclables for material recovery facilities (MRF) during its Winter Meeting Feb. 10, 2017. ISRI’s Paper and Plastics Divisions recently approved each of the specifications, which are intended to increase understanding of the issues processors face when working with complex streams from municipal program sources.

The MRF glass specifications and inbound MRF specifications are available online for review. The MRF glass specifications were approved by the divisions at the Fall Board & Committee Meetings in Salt Lake City Nov. 4, 2016. The inbound MRF specifications were approved by the divisions during the Winter ISRI Board & Committee Meetings Jan. 9, 2017. Both were developed in consultation with ISRI’s MRF Council and paper and plastic scrap recycling industry members with extensive experience working with scrap streams sourced from municipal collection facilities and programs, ISRI says.

At the board of directors meeting, the board may choose to adopt, amend or reject the recommendations of the division or table them pending further review.

 More information about the rules governing the procedures from the addition, amendment, or withdrawal of ISRI’s scrap specifications can be found in the Scrap Specifications Circular. To submit comments, recommendations, or questions please contact ISRI’s Joe Pickard at Comments will be welcome for 30 days following the board’s vote.