International Trucks introduces A26 engine

The 12.4-liter A26 engine is designed for the Class 8 market.

February 28, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

Lisle, Illinois-based International Trucks has launched the International A26 engine, a 12.4-liter engine designed to provide industry-leading uptime to the Class 8 market.

The A26 was developed through an initiative called Project Alpha, which the company says brought together a new team of the industry’s foremost powertrain engineers. The initiative emphasized simplicity over complexity and used proven components to deliver industry-leading uptime, International says.

“Project Alpha has fundamentally changed how we design diesel engines,” says Bill Kozek, president, truck and parts. “The International A26 has been designed to address the rigorous demands of Class 8 truck customers. It’s been tested to extremes and meets a demanding B10 design life standard for an unprecedented 1.2 million miles.”

Built from the MAN D26 engine crankcase, the A26 produces up to 475 horsepower and 1,750 foot-pounds of torque from a design that’s 600 to 700 pounds lighter than a traditional 15-liter big bore engine, the company says. Additionally, its components have been engineered to deliver class-leading fuel efficiency, reduced weight and quiet operation.

“The A26 was designed from the ground up to deliver industry-leading uptime, durability and reliability,” says Darren Gosbee, vice president, advanced engineering. “The A26 is as simple as a modern engine can be, and we’ve built uptime into every part of the development process, from design to calibration to testing.”

Using a titanium compressor wheel with a simplified single-stage design, the A26 features a variable geometry turbocharger to reduce complexity and enhance reliability, International says. Larger piston pins, connecting rods and bushings help optimize load distribution for enhanced durability, while smaller piston cooling jets increase oil pressure to improve lubrication, increasing oil change service intervals up to 70,000 miles, the company adds.

At 2,299 pounds, the A26 is 55 pounds lighter than the engine it replaces and enables an impressive 200 pounds of additional weight reduction in vehicle-mounted components, according to International. Its compacted graphite iron (CGI) crankcase has greater strength and fatigue resistance than traditional gray iron. Composite valve covers and shot-peened aluminum flywheel housing help deliver weight savings over traditional solutions. 

The A26 is engineered to deliver up to 5 percent greater fuel economy, according to International, and its sculpted crankcase, which is isolated with the oil pan through a specially designed rubber gasket, absorbs vibration and reduces harshness for a quieter in-cab experience.

The engine includes a two-year, unlimited-mileage warranty that International says reflects confidence in the engine’s reliability and durability, which have been confirmed through validation and testing.

The A26 engine is available for order in the International LT Series of long-haul vehicles and RH Series of regional haul vehicles.