Recycling facilities built for the future

ISS can help you build a system that can grow with your business.

Whether adding a higher horsepower motor, updating from DC to AC, expanding emissions control capabilities or starting a recycling plant from scratch, the objective is the same—build a system that can grow with your business. Industrial Service Solutions – Recycling Technologies (ISS) delivers greater volume capacity, heavier scrap processing capability and class-leading durability, all engineered and built in the United States.

Matched systems maximize performance

Electric motors and drive systems from different manufacturers can be made to work together, but performance, and especially reliability, suffer as a result. ISS is the recycling industry’s only single-source manufacturer of both high-horsepower electric motors and drive systems. Motors are matched to drive units at the factory in Houston, Texas, for performance, reliability and smooth delivery of power. New variable-frequency drives (VFDs) also prevent power flickers under load, controlling power costs and ensuring positive relationships with local utility providers.

Emissions controls meet challenging standards

ISS brings decades of emissions control expertise, earned in steel, energy and pulp and paper industries, to recycling and shredding facilities. Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer-based systems capture and control emissions within the range of the most demanding environmental compliance regulations. The complete solution, from air handlers to control panels and software, are all engineered and manufactured by ISS in Texas and Louisiana. This level of system expertise, integration, installation and operational experience delivers an emissions control solution that meets the demands of today, while offering room to grow as facility demands (and regulations) change.

Shredders ready for what’s next

A well-matched plant program is ready to expand as market demands change. Choosing the right shredder ensures performance and capacity are in place to meet the demands of future operational growth.

The ISS 7090 stationary automobile shredder is ready to meet increasing scrap volume and scrap weight demands. The 7090 shredder features a proven spyder or disc-style 70-inch rotor, filling the gap between traditional 6090 and 80104 units. The 7090 rotor delivers 32 percent greater impact than the smaller 60-inch designs, while being built with the same material specifications as found on larger 80-inch mills.

The 7090 shredder averages 40 tons per hour with a 1,000 HP motor setup and up to 100 tons per hour at 4,000 HP. A Hagglunds feed roll drive delivers longevity and ease of maintenance, while a feed roll cover ensures a safe, clean operating environment by preventing material from flipping onto the shredder housing.

ISS’ motors, drives emissions control systems and shredders deliver the performance and flexibility to meet changing market demands, delivering maximum return on investment from recycling operations.



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