Industrial Metals will install its first auto shredding plant

Canadian recycler purchases Wendt M6090 shredder and nonferrous downstream system.

May 29, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
Auto Shredding Equipment & Products

Industrial Metals of Winnipeg, Manitoba, has purchased an M6090 shredding plant from Wendt Corp. of Buffalo, New York.

This is Industrial Metals’ first automobile shredder and part of a corporate expansion strategy, according to the company. The third-generation, family-owned business has been serving the scrap metal industry for more than 60 years, operating two locations in Winnipeg. Cliff Chisick and his twin sons, Dan and Josh Chisick, run Industrial Metals.

The new shredder will be located on an 18-acre site within city limits that has rail spur access.

Dan Chisick says the company's interest in adding the shredder developed as volumes have increased at both locations.

“We felt like a shredder was the next logical step to help grow our business,” Chisick says. “After doing some research, we found that the Wendt M6090 shredder was the best in the market and [a] right-sized machine that could handle the tonnage we wanted to shred.”

Industrial Metals says it plans to increase its volume over time to run the shredder at its maximum capacity. The company reports it will continue to source material from local peddlers, scrap dealers and auto part yards and process a variety of cars, tin, farm material and white goods.

“Ultimately the M6090 was the most cost-effective solution, with its modular features along with an ease and timely installation,” adds Chisick. “These were all factors that contributed to our purchase decision.”

In addition to the M6090 shredding plant, Industrial Metals also purchased a single-line nonferrous recovery plant that is designed to allow the company to extract nonferrous metals, including the zorba, zorba fines and stainless steel. The nonferrous plant also is equipped to create an insulated copper wire package, Wendt reports.

“We felt that Wendt offered us additional expertise on the nonferrous side of the business. They have a team of experts and the best configurations and process to achieve maximum extraction of metal from fluff,” Chisick says.

Industrial Metals’ shredder features a 2,500-horsepower DC motor and Bowe disc rotor. The system includes an infeed conveyor, Wendt AutoDriver controls, dual magstand with electromagnetic drums, Z-box and modular design, including a prefabricated motor enclosure, remote prewired e-house and structural steel frame, allowing for the shredder to be installed on a flat concrete pad.

“We’ve had a great experience working with Wendt through the entire process thus far,” comments Chisick. “From sales to project management, we’ve been very pleased with our overall experience. We’re excited to help grow our business with the shredder purchase and become more efficient with the way we handle scrap.”

Wendt reports that the new shredding and nonferrous operation will be installed and commissioned in the fall of 2014.