India e-scrap volumes set to grow

Report predicts 30 percent growth in the volume of obsolete electronics from 2014 to 2019.

June 5, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
Electronics Legislation & Regulations
Discarded electronics are poised to provide a growing source of secondary commodities within India, according to a recently published report by TechSci Research called India E-Waste Management Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2019.
Noida, India-based TechSci Research says India’s e-scrap market “is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of around 30.6 percent during 2014-19.” The report identifies cities and regions that host “IT hubs, such as Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad,” as places where volumes will rise particularly fast. “However, the country’s western and northern regions are also growing at a significant rate due to the introduction of new recycling facilities, especially in Delhi [and the] National Capital Region,” the report adds.
“The enforcement of e-waste management laws by the government of India for proper and regularized management, disposal and recycling of e-waste is setting a new trend in the market,” says Karan Chechi, research director with TechSci Research. “Since, in India, the majority of [e-scrap] is processed by the unorganized sector, the introduction of stringent regulations is expected to significantly benefit the organized players over the next five years.” 
India’s e-scrap market has been divided into various segments including IT and telecom, large household appliances and consumer electronics, according to TechSci Research. Some of the fast-growing types of e-scrap in the country include personal computers, mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines and televisions.
The report lists Attero, Ecoreco, Sims Recycling, Earth Sense Recycle and TSS-AMM as major e-scrap recycling and management firms operating in the country.
The India E-Waste Management Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2019 report includes electronic scrap management market projections and demand forecasting. The report also identifies and analyzes what TechSci Research calls “the emerging trends along with essential drivers, challenges and opportunities” in the e-scrap sector in India.
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