ICM Announces Dates, Location for Annual Battery Recycling Congress

Congress will be held Sept. 21-23 in Venice, Italy.

June 8, 2011
Recycling Today Staff
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The 16th International Congress for Battery Recycling will be held Sept. 21-23 in Venice, Italy. The congress is being organized by ICM AG.

ICM says that it expects more than 180 delegates to attend the company and discuss and present various topics on battery recycling. Several of the subjects expected to be covered during the three-day conference are the following:

•    Update of battery legislation worldwide
•    Safety issues and transportation regulations
•    Can the electric mobility (LEV, EHV, PEHV and EV) respond to the EU 2020 policy?
•    The success of Li-Ion batteries technologies
•    Country reports on collection and recycling
•    Best available technologies for battery recycling
•    Recycling efficiency
•    New recycling technologies and processes
•    Roundtable: Is the industry ready for the electric vehicle boom?

The congress is also offering a plant tour to FIAMM’s battery recycling facility in Veronella, Italy.
For further information, contact Sibylle Zimmerli,+41 62 785 10 00, email info@icm.ch, or www.icm.ch.