Hugo Neu Recycling adopts B Corp. standards

Electronics recycler registers to adhere to “rigorous standards of social and environmental performance.”

November 25, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Certification Electronics

Hugo Neu Recycling (formerly WeRecycle!) has been designated as a certified B Corp. by the Wayne, Pa.-based organization that oversees that voluntary corporate standard.

The Mount Vernon, N.Y.-based electronic scrap recycling firm says it is now among more than 850 Certified B Corps. from 60 industries and 28 countries.

To be recognized as a Certified B Corp., Hugo Neu Recycling says it had to “meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance and legally expanded its corporate responsibilities to include consideration of stakeholder interests.”

Hugo Neu Recycling also is certified to e-Stewards, ISO 14001 and National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) standards at its Mount Vernon and in Meriden, Conn., plants. 

“This certification is aligned with our corporate values and our commitment to advancing responsible recycling,” says Wendy Neu, chair and CEO of Hugo Neu Recycling. “By standing up to be counted among the B Corp. ranks, we’re holding ourselves accountable for our own legacy and also supporting a movement inspiring business to leave the world a little bit better.”

Alan Ratner, president of Hugo Neu Recycling, adds, “The B Corp. certification reinforces what we have always believed to be our environmental and social mission and responsibility.”

As part of the certification process, Hugo Neu Recycling completed an assessment established by B Lab, Wayne, Pa. (the B Corp. certification body), that included disclosure of information relating to the company’s management and operations, including its governance, workplace culture and employee benefits, environmental practices and community engagement.