Hugo Neu Awards Grant to San Francisco Baykeeper

Nonprofit will use money for its Bay Safe Industry Campaign.

October 8, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
Legislation & Regulations
New York-based Hugo Neu Corp., a privately owned company that focuses on business opportunities that support economic, social and environmental sustainability, has awarded San Francisco Baykeeper a $75,000 grant. The grant will go toward the organization's new Bay Safe Industry Campaign designed to protect the San Francisco Bay from pollution.
"We thank Hugo Neu Corp. for recognizing with this funding the importance of Baykeeper's efforts to protect San Francisco Bay from toxic pollution," says Deb Self, executive director of San Francisco Baykeeper. "We are extremely proud that Hugo Neu has decided that an investment in Baykeeper's work will help make the waters of San Francisco Bay cleaner and healthier."

In awarding the grant, Hugo Neu’s John and Wendy Neu cite Baykeeper's use of "science-based data to win pollution control improvements in order to protect the Bay's fish, other animals and people from high concentrations of pollutants."
Baykeeper's Bay Safe Industry Campaign, launched this year, aims to rein in toxic storm water that runs off more than 1,300 Bay Area industrial facilities. Baykeeper says it has secured settlement agreements with six facilities to incorporate pollution controls and best management practices as well as mitigation payments for past damage from pollution to the bay.
Self adds, "We have a long history of successfully cleaning up individual industrial facilities. With this campaign, Baykeeper will systematically confront San Francisco Bay's biggest polluters. The new funding from Hugo Neu will be an enormous help.”