Former Wise Metals Vice Presidents Join Electronics Recycling Firm

Highlight Networks adds Richard Weaver and Danny Mendelson as vice presidents.

May 13, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

HighLight Networks Inc., Liverpool, N.Y., has added Richard Weaver and Danny Mendelson to its executive team. The two men are former executives of Alabama-based Wise Metals Group LLC and will be in charge of overseeing the development of HighLight’s recycling division and the company’s general operations.

Weaver has 43 years experience in the nonferrous and ferrous metals industry. He will serve as an executive vice president and COO of HighLight Network.

Mendelson was employed by Wise Metals Group LLC as its executive vice president and chief strategic officer for the past 15 years. He joins Highlight as an executive vice president and will serve as CEO of the company's newly formed recycling subsidiary.

“The additions of Mr. Weaver and Mr. Mendelson to our team bring tremendous depth and industry knowledge to our company,” says Alfonso Knoll, HighLight CEO. “We are aggressively building an integrated recycling effort that combines e-waste and traditional metals recovery with cutting edge technologies and a new approach to the industry. Both Mr. Mendelson and Mr. Weaver are an important part of our overall strategy. Their combined history in the industry is extremely impressive."

HighLight Networks Inc. engages in recycling, refining, metals trading, and asset recovery. The company’s focus is on extracting and refining precious metals from electronic scrap.

The company currently operates one facility in New York that contracts nationally for refining and recycling projects, and has recently expanded its business to include the repurposing, resale and recycling of networking and telecom hardware.