Harsco lands multiyear contract in China

Harsco lands multiyear contract in China

Mill services company also renews contract at a different Chinese steel company.

January 29, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
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Harsco Corp., a diversified global company headquartered in Camp Hill, Pa., has signed two multiyear contracts in China that will bring in $200 million in projected revenues. The contracts, one a new award and the second a multiyear contract expansion and renewal, address innovative approaches to waste stream management and energy reduction with two customers in the Chinese steelmaking market, the company says.

Harsco’s contract renewal is with Hangzhou Iron & Steel Group and aims to build on a Harsco process underway at another Chinese steelmaking plant that significantly reduces the environmental impact of steelmaking versus traditional methods. Harsco’s process allows for high-efficiency metal recovery and comprehensive use of metallurgical materials, which Harsco will market for beneficial reuse in the cement, concrete and road-base infrastructure sectors.

Hangzhou’s steelmaking plant has a capacity of 3.8 million metric tons per year and serves the demand for steel products along China’s East Coast. Harsco began operations at Hangzhou in 2002, providing resource recovery services and environmental products through a superfines operation that produces cement substitute from slags. 

“In the last 12 years since our cooperation started, Harsco has provided the world the best services in slag processing,” says Shizhong Li, chairman of Hangzhou Iron & Steel Group. “They have made great contributions to protect the local environment.”

In addition, Harsco has signed a 15-year contract with Ningbo Iron & Steel Co Ltd. for coke briquetting. The new contract will effectively process coke fines, dust and carbon slurry that are generated during the steel production process, enabling significant reductions in environmental impact and power consumption at the site.

The briquettes produced by Harsco will be added to the iron making and steel-making furnaces for beneficial reuse. Briquettes return more material to the plant, reducing the amount of raw material needed, Harsco says. The contract adds to Harsco’s work at the site, having provided scrap management services since 2007 and waste oxide briquetting since 2011. 

Ningbo Iron & Steel Co. Ltd is a slab-making facility with a production capacity of 4.4 million metric tons per year.  
(photo is of Harsco's scrap management operations at Acindar's works in Argentina)