Tennessee recycler to install auto shredder

Harmon Scrap Metal opts for American Pulverizer model.

January 1, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
Auto Shredding Equipment & Products

Harmon Scrap Metal LLC, Cornersville, Tenn., has announced plans to install an American Pulverizer 60x85 auto shredder at its 60-acre scrap yard in Cornersville. The company also installed a 900-ton Harris shear at the site in December 2011.

Cam Harmon Jr., who acquired the yard from his father several years ago, says Harmon hopes to start construction on the 3,400-horsepower auto shredder in early 2014, with commissioning of the shredder by August 2014. Along with the shredder, the company will install a ferrous and nonferrous downstream sorting and recovery system.

Harmon says the goal is to have the shredder and downstream system built on concrete.

Responding to a question about excess auto shredder capacity on the market, Harmon says the company performed an analysis showing that installing a smaller shredder at the site made sense because the company could reduce the costs it pays to ship material to other locations. Also, installing a shredder will give the company greater control over its business.

In addition to its Tennessee facility, Harmon Scrap Metal operates two recycling facilities in northern Alabama. Harmon says the company also is considering adding to the number of facilities it has.