Greenstar Opens Akron, Ohio, MRF

Greenstar Opens Akron, Ohio, MRF

Facility to serve central and northeast Ohio.

June 8, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
Municipal / IC&I

Houston-based Greenstar Recycling, Akron, Ohio, Mayor Don Plusquellic and Summit County Executive Russ Pry have announced the opening of Greenstar’s newest single-stream recycling facility in Akron that will serve customers in central and northeast Ohio.

Greenstar has invested $7 million in the recycling facility, which includes improvements to an existing 196,000-square-foot facility and new technology upgrades to help automate the sorting of materials. The facility will process 7,000 tons of recyclables per month, according to Greenstar, although its processing capacity can be expanded to 15,000 tons per month as the need arises. Greenstar says it has created 43 new jobs at the facility and the number of jobs could increase to 75 as recycling volume increases.

“Greenstar is committed to increasing Akron’s recycling rates,” confirmed Marcelo Figueira, CEO of Greenstar Recycling. “Increasing the recycling rates will help reduce the cost of disposal and preserve our environment. The single-stream facility also brings jobs to Akron and makes recycling more convenient.”

“Greenstar has returned an existing building to a manufacturing purpose and has made significant investments in equipment, building use and new green jobs,” says Plusquellic. “The single-stream recycling technique used by Greenstar contributes to the growth and sustainability of Akron and furthers the city’s Greenprint for Sustainability, launched in 2007.”

“It is an honor to welcome this green business to Summit County,” says Pry. “Greenstar’s commitment to conserving resources, creating jobs and protecting the environment will allow citizens and local businesses to advance their recycling efforts and deepen their commitment to going green.”

Greenstar launched its North American operations in 2007. The company handles 2 million tons of recyclables per year, servicing more than 12 million customers through a network of 14 processing facilities with more than 10,000 managed services locations.