Green Technology Solutions Looks to South America

Electronics recycler establishes joint venture in Bolivia.

August 22, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
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The electronics recycling firm Green Technology Solutions Inc., (GTSO) based in San Jose, Calif., has announced plans to expand its recycling operations to Bolivia with the formation of a joint venture with Chilerecicla, a Chile-based electronics recycling company. 

Chilerecicla operates an electronics recycling facility in Chile and maintains relationships with smelters throughout the world. According to GTSO, the joint venture will increase the volume of scrap metal shipped to smelters throughout the region.

The decision to create a joint venture follows a feasibility study by GTSO that looked at the potential growth of electronic scrap from throughout South America.

GTSO says that Chilerecicla is presently operating at full capacity, indicating that the company would need to expand its operations to capitalize on the growth of electronic scrap.

To ensure that a ready market for the material is found Chilerecicla has signed an initial agreement with a Bolivian electronics recycler and is in negotiations with others in Ecuador, Argentina and elsewhere. Chilerecicla says that by securing favorable purchase prices from these suppliers and selling the recycled materials directly to smelters overseas, the joint venture plans to increase its profitability significantly.

“Our partner has already signed an agreement with one of Bolivia’s largest e-waste operators and the initial purchases of raw e-waste materials are expected to begin this week,” says Paul Watson, GTSO’s CEO. “This is a big step forward in our ambitious plans to apply this successful business model in growing markets, with the U.S. being our number one target.”