Green EnviroTech Corp. Announces Reverse Merger with Wolfe Creek Mining

Company continues with its plan to convert ASR into recycled-plastic products

March 24, 2010
Recycling Today Staff
Auto Shredding

Green EnviroTech Corp. (GET) has completed a reverse merger with Wolfe Creek Mining Inc. Under terms of the deal, GET has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wolfe Creek.

Green EnviroTech is developing plans to build large-scale plastics recycling facilities near automotive shredder locations throughout the country. The company plans to produce and supply recycled commercial grade plastics and resins to industries with a high plastics demand, such as the automotive and consumer products industries.

Through GET's process, developed in partnership with Thar Process, Inc., recycled commercial grade plastics and resins, generated from shredder residue and waste produced at automotive shredder facilities would be produced.

The first recycling plant is scheduled to be built in Fond du Lac, Wis., with a 100,000-ton-per-year capability and is expected to be a "green" facility that does not produce hazardous waste or emissions. GET also plans to convert waste and scrap plastic into high-value energy products, including synthetic oil.