DJJ CEO announces retirement

Keith Grass has been with the David J. Joseph Co. for 36 years.

August 1, 2014
Recycling Today Staff

DJJ GrassNucor Corp., headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, has announced that Keith Grass, executive vice president of operations and CEO of the David J. Joseph Co., (DJJ), Cincinnati, will retire effective Sept. 12, 2014. Nucor is the parent company of DJJ.

Grass joined DJJ in 1978 as a broker and then district manager of several DJJ trading offices. During his time with DJJ he served in a host of positions, including vice president of trading, president of DJJ’s international division, head of the metals recycling division, president of DJJ, and finally CEO. He was appointed executive vice president of Nucor when DJJ was acquired by the steel company in 2008.

Following Grass’ retirement, Joe Stratman, who started with Nucor in 1989 and has served as executive vice president since 2007, will assume executive vice president responsibilities for the raw materials group, which, in addition to DJJ, includes Nucor's natural gas investments and logistics.

In announcing Grass’ retirement, John Ferriola, Nucor chairman, CEO and president, says, "On behalf of the board and everyone at Nucor I would like to thank Keith for his leadership at DJJ and Nucor over the last 36 years. His guidance and expertise as both the CEO of DJJ and as EVP of Nucor have been instrumental to our combined success. Our company and our stockholders have greatly benefited from Keith's innumerable contributions to our raw materials strategy and our continued focus on reducing our cost structure.

"In recent years, the Nucor management team has considered succession planning to be a top strategic initiative throughout the organization,” adds Ferriola. “Craig Feldman, a 28-year veteran of DJJ, will continue to serve as DJJ's president, a position he has held since January 2013. His responsibilities in the DJJ organization will remain unchanged, and he is well-positioned to continue DJJ's profitable growth. Joe Stratman's 25 years of experience, both at operating divisions and at corporate, will ensure us continued success in the raw materials segment.