Granutech launches hybrid-drive shredder mechanism

Patent-pending drive option for Saturn shredders offers features found in electric and hydraulic drives.

May 23, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

Granutech-Saturn Systems Corp. based in Grand Prairie, Texas, has launched a new hybrid-drive mechanism option for its line of Saturn industrial shredders, available on both new machines and as a retrofit kit for older machines in the field. The company says the new hybrid-drive option is ideal for use with single-, dual- or quad-shaft shredder applications.

“We have combined the best features of hydraulic and electric drive systems in a compact, integrated, energy-efficient, no-compromise system,” says Matthew Morrison, vice president for Granutech-Saturn Systems. “In the process, we eliminated a planetary gearbox, 400 gallons of hydraulic fluid and the headaches associated with today’s traditional drive systems.”

The company says extensive hybrid-drive testing has been done on Saturn’s dual-shaft shredders, including the 72-50XT and 72-44 BGHT models, but the new drive system also will be offered as an option on Saturn’s single- and quad-shaft shredders in the near future.

According to Granutech, the patent-pending hybrid-drive system provides an energy-efficient and durable approach to powering single-, dual- or quad-shaft shredders. The company says users can expect up to a 25 percent increase in efficiency compared with traditional hydraulic drives and up to 30 percent more production than equivalent horsepower hydraulic or electric drive shredders.

The company also says the hybrid drive option features constant horsepower operation, in which the shaft speed of the shredder is constantly changing to provide speed when product is easy to shred and torque for tough materials. The feature is designed to maximize shredder throughput regardless of the material being processed.

The hybrid drive’s built-in quick stop feature, with no planetary gearbox, is designed to handle high shock-high reversal applications with ease, for higher reliability and durability. The company says Saturn hybrid-drive shredders also deliver shock absorption similar to that of shredders fitted with traditional hydraulic drives, but with an average 50 percent smaller footprint than hydraulic or electric.

The hybrid drive is a retrofit option for older Saturn Shredders as well, Granutech says. The company supplies a turnkey retrofit kit that can be installed on legacy Saturn machines in the field with assistance from certified Saturn technicians. Customers may also opt to send their machines to Granutech’s facility for the hybrid-drive retrofit option install and testing.

“Nothing about the Saturn cutting chamber is different, so if a customer can process their material with a single-, dual- or quad-shaft shredder, then adding the Hybrid Drive will give higher throughput and more efficient operation,” says Morrison. “Because of the higher durability built into this system, the Saturn Shredders can be considered for shredding tougher materials than would be typically be appropriate for standard electric drive machines. This further showcases that the hybrid drive improves the Saturn shredder regardless of what it is processing,” he adds.