Gershow Recycling purchases MTB Cable Box

Gershow Recycling purchases MTB Cable Box

New York state-based recycling company makes purchase from Wendt Corp. during Demo Days event.

July 10, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
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Pictured above, from left: Wendt Corp.'s Tom Wendt, Gershow Recycling's
Kevin Gershowitz and MTB's Jean-Phillipe Fusier. 

Wendt Corp., headquartered in Buffalo, New York, has announced the sale of an MTB Cable Box to Gershow Recycling, Medford, New York. The sale represents the fourth such unit to be sold since its launch last year and the second in recent weeks.

Gershow Recycling is a second-generation, family-owned business that has been serving the scrap industry since 1964. With more than 750 employees, the company operates nine locations in Suffolk County, Nassau County and Brooklyn in New York. Gershow prides itself on operating modern, technically advanced processing facilities while offering competitive prices and a high level of customer service.

Wendt Demo Days took place the week of June 26, 2017, and provided companies with the opportunity to see four different material types (shredder wire, No. 1 copper wires, aluminum cables and aluminum copper radiators) processed with the Cable Box system.

“After seeing the Cable Box demonstration of running shredder wire, we came to the conclusion that this system would be a good fit for our operation,” says Sam Gershowitz, founder and chairman of Gershow Recycling. “With the tightening of export restrictions from China, the Cable Box provides us with the ability to upgrade our materials and market them here in the U.S. The Cable Box’s containerized design, its versatility and the high-quality products it produces, combined with the support and experience of the Wendt and MTB organizations were all determining factors in our purchase decision.”

Gershow’s Cable Box features a BDR 1245 shredder, two BAT 800 granulators, air density tables, screens, magnetic separators and integrated electrical controls and dust collection system. This containerized, turnkey solution incorporates a complete cable recycling line using two 40-foot containers, one 20-foot container and one 10-foot container. Although smaller in size and footprint, Wendt says the system shares the same robust and advanced design as MTB’s larger systems, enabling it to efficiently treat lower-quality cables while delivering highly valuable output materials. Designed to process up to 3 tons per hour, the system can process shredder wire as well as aluminum conductor, steel-reinforced (ACSR) cable, armored (BX) cable, direct burial (URD) cable, Category 5 cable, tubing encapsulated cable (TEC), “jelly” cable and zorba fines.

“We are so proud and excited to announce the sale of one more Cable Box to Gershow,” says Jean-Phillipe Fusier, president of MTB, headquartered in France. “The private trials and Demo Days event at Wendt allowed us to showcase what our recycling line in a box can do. Our strong relationship and combined experience with Went made the client more comfortable knowing that we will be there along the way and even after to support their operation. We look forward to working with Sam and his team soon in Long Island!”

Gershow Recycling will install and commission the Cable Box in the fourth quarter of this year.