American Pulverizer and Hustler Conveyor install shredder at Garden Street Iron & Metal

Companies also sell an integrated shredding plant to Harmon Metals in Tennessee.

January 29, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
Auto Shredding Equipment & Products

American Pulverizer Co. (APCO), St. Louis, and Hustler Conveyor Co., O'Fallon, Mo., have installed and started up an APCO 98x115 heavy-duty automobile and scrap shredding system at the scrap metal company Garden Street Iron & Metal,  Cincinnati, Ohio.

According to APCO, the Garden Street system was installed at the end of 2013 with startup and commissioning in December. The system design was the result of the companies’ Team Concept, a collaborative approach that provides integrated engineering from American Pulverizer, Hustler Conveyor, Eriez Magnetics, Pinnacle Engineering Controls, SiCon GmbH and Quad Plus.  The team also worked closely with Earl and Rob Weber, owners of Garden Street, APCO reports.

According to Skip Anthony, APCO’s vice president of sales and service, the system is unique in that it offers the latest technologies designed to yield lower installation cost, highly productive shredding with comprehensive liberation, efficient cleaning and separation of both ferrous and nonferrous metals.

System components include:

  • APCO 98-inch top, back and bottom discharge, high production shredder box; 
  • Hustler tumbleback metering conveyor; 
  • APCO three-split trommel; 
  • Combination of mechanical and air separation on nonferrous portion; 
  • Eriez P-Rex Underflow drum magnets, fitted with traction plates that provide three or more material flips per drum for greater agitating action and cleaner ferrous metals; and 
  • Latest Pinnacle e-shred controls with field distribution panels and remote wireless maintenance operation and Co-Pilot software for production control.

APCO says it had the entire system up and running in one week.

The companies also were awarded an order with Harmon Metals, Cornersville, Tenn., which includes a 60x85 heavy duty automobile and scrap shredding plant with integrated ferrous and nonferrous separation plants. The new operation will be installed and running by end of the second quarter of 2014, the companies report.

APCO reports it worked closely with Harmon over the last year to develop a simple yet efficient system to process 3,000-5,000 tons per month of automobiles, obsolete scrap and logged or baled mixed metals. The shredder is expected to allow Harmon to run materials normally associated with larger shredders, APCO says.

The system is a collaborative team effort between APCO, Hustler Conveyor, Eriez Magnetics, Pinnacle Engineering Controls and Red River Hydraulics and includes a new integrated design package that will minimize installation costs and reduce the timeline for Harmon, allowing the company to more quickly earn a return on investment for the project.

More information is available from Skip Anthony at 314-713-5489 or at