Friendly Earth Achieves E-Stewards Certification

Company is the first nonprofit recycler in Washington to receive the certification.

March 25, 2013
SDB Staff

Seattle-based Friendly Earth has become the first e-Stewards-certified nonprofit in Washington state as well as only one of three e-Stewards certified electronic recyclers in the state, according to the Basel Action Network, the nonprofit organization that developed the standard.

E-Stewards is a globally accredited, third-party audited certification program.

“Friendly Earth chose to pursue the e-Stewards certification because we felt it was a necessary step to validate a recycler's commitment to responsible and ethical practices,” says Rex Yang, CEO of Friendly Earth. “Every day, e-waste is shipped overseas to developing nations, and now it's time for recyclers to put an end to global dumping. Being the most rigorous certification obtainable, we believe e-Stewards is the solution to our problem.”

Jim Puckett, executive director of BAN, says, “In the absence of leadership or laws requiring responsible electronics recycling here in the United States, our organization felt it was necessary to create a program to help consumers and businesses find truly responsible recyclers.”

He adds, “As a certified e-Stewards recycler, Friendly Earth joins the ranks of the global leaders in solving the e-waste crisis in the most responsible way.”

Located in south Seattle’s industrial district, Friendly Earth has been operating as a nonprofit electronic recycler since April 2011. The company offers free electronic recycling services to the public, which include an on-site drop-off location as well as contracted pickups and community events. In addition, Friendly Earth says it offers data destruction techniques that adhere to the National Security Agency and United States Department of Defense standards.