FlexSweep touts sustainability of “unbreakable” push broom

FlexSweep touts sustainability of “unbreakable” push broom

California company offers life-long guarantee on its broom handles.

May 17, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

Watsonville, California-based FlexSweep Industries is offering a life-long guarantee on its aero-aluminum and engineered elastomer push broom handles and a discount to recyclers who purchase FlexSweep’s Flex-Power products.


FlexSweep founder and CEO Simon Cassar says recyclers have shown an affinity for his products because of their durability and their sustainability aspects. Cassar says the 16-year-old company sells its patented Flex-Power unbreakable handles for many different cleaning tools used by a wide cross-section of industrial and commercial companies.


Cassar says the Flex-Power concept involves answering the question: “Why replace the handle when just the brush or cleaning heads wear out?” He continues, “If you own a saw and your blade wears out, do you replace the whole saw? No, just the blade.” Cassar says he has adopted that mentality with his product line. The company’s aero-aluminum and elastomer broom handle is guaranteed to be replaced if a user breaks it. “If it breaks, we’ll send a replacement with your next order, but we have only done that a handful of times out of tens of thousands of brooms sold.”


Cassar says breaking the broom handle is not easy, and the company’s website features a video demonstrating the point. In the video, a large wheel loader rolls over a FlexSweep broom handle that emerges unscathed. “One broom even got stuck in a large shredder, and amazingly it was shaken and still was not broken,” states Cassar.


“The handle is guaranteed for life, and seeing how recyclers already have that mindset of sustainability and reusability, it has just been a terrific fit,” he says. “Recyclers are in a tough environment, and some have told me they have accidentally run over their FlexSweep brooms with a forklift, and the broom comes through it just fine.”


Cassar says he also emphasizes using American materials and components in his brooms, including wooden broom blocks procured from Northeast Ohio’s Amish country and the American-sourced aluminum broom handle.


“Sweeping the floor may not be glamorous,” Cassar says, but he adds that he nonetheless gets feedback from users who appreciate the ergonomic aspects of his product line. He says an elastomeric engineered material is used for the broom’s grip, and combined with the aero-aluminum alloy it creates a “shock absorber” quality that minimizes impacts.


Cassar says he is offering a promotional code that recyclers can use to receive a discount when ordering from the FlexSweep website, and that details on the offer can be obtained by e-mailing him at scassar@flexsweep.com