Fisher International Expands into Europe

Consultant to the paper industry says Szymon Siuda will head new office.

July 27, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
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Fisher International, consultant to the pulp and paper industry headquartered in Norwalk, Conn., has named Szymon Siuda as a senior consultant for its recently opened Europe Office.

Fisher says the move reflects an increase in demand for the consulting company’s products and services among European paper industry suppliers and producers. The company adds that the new office marks the recognition of Europe’s growing interest in the Asian paper manufacturing market, an area where Siuda has significant experience.

“The fact that Fisher International established new offices and research assets in China last year sparked a lot of interest among suppliers who need reliable market intelligence to compete for a seat at the Asian table,” notes Stanley Okoro, Fisher International general manager. “No matter what the size of a company, to be effective in such a vast market, resources must be allocated judiciously; every decision has to be made with analytic discipline and supported by data. We’re also seeing an awakening on the producer side as European paper companies brace themselves to compete with China for commodities if not markets.”

Suida says, “The European paper industry is focused on the opportunities and threats that Asia represents. Serious players are investing in information to leverage their positions because that’s where they’ll get the greatest return on investment at this point. The stakes are very high, and it’s virtually impossible to recover from a missstep resulting from unreliable or incomplete market intelligence. These are not issues that can be managed with predigested thinking and canned answers.”

He continues, “The questions being asked require reliable asset data and unique, customized solutions which is why more people are turning to Fisher International. The mission for the consulting team in Europe is to make sure clients capitalize on the benefits FisherSolve delivers so that our Asia intelligence pays dividends.”