Ferrous Outlook to be Presented During BIR Round-Tables

Industry experts will offer updates on changing scrap market dynamics at meeting in Barcelona.

October 25, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
Ferrous Legislation & Regulations
The upcoming Plenary Session of the BIR Ferrous Division meeting, to be held at the BIR Autumn Round-Table Sessions in Barcelona, Spain, Oct. 29-30, will focus on important trends in the ferrous scrap market and on ongoing developments in ferrous scrap utilization by steel mills.
On Monday, Oct. 29, attendees will have an opportunity to listen to world market reports presented by members of the BIR  Ferrous Board through regional reports covering the USA and Pacific Rim, India, Japan and East Asia, Russia and Ukraine, and the EU. 
Keynote speaker Ralph Oppenheimer, executive chairman of Stemcor, will deliver a presentation on global trends in ferrous scrap and share his experience comprising more than 40 years in the steel sector. 
Stemcor, one of the world’s largest independent steel trading companies, is headquartered in London and has 80 offices in 40 countries. 
The Ferrous Plenary Session will also feature an overview on world scrap figures provided by Rolf Willeke, Ferrous Division statistics advisor. 
In addition, the Brazilian steel scrap federation INESFA is expected to participate in the plenary meeting and to provide an update on the Brazilian and other Latin American emerging markets.