Eurometal of France adds Sennebogen 821 mobile material handler

Compact E-Series machine is first such model to be delivered.

May 21, 2014
RTGE Staff
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Eurometal’s E-Series Sennebogen 821 Mobile was acquired in early 2013. 

Eurometal of France has added the new Sennebogen 821 M material handler to its site in Meyzieu. The E-Series compact material handling machine replaces a Sennebogen C-Series handler and supplements an 825 mobile handler. The 821 M machine is used for handling scrap and aluminum and moves up to 480 metric tons per day, Sennebogen says.

Founded in 1976, Eurometal handles 15,000 metric tons of scrap and aluminum waste annually at its site in Meyzieu.

The new material handler, reportedly the first Sennebogen E-Series machine to be acquired, was delivered in early 2013 by the company’s French sales and service partner Sygmat.

According to Sennebogen, the compact material handling machine offers a reach of 11 meters. The machine’s 23 metric ton operating weight is designed to cover a broad implementation spectrum at the scrapyard and recycling site, including indoor operations.

The 821 M is equipped with a 97-kilowatt (kW) Tier 3 engine and all-wheel mobile undercarriage. The handler is used throughout the site, including indoors where it is used to charge the scrap press. The handler also features the Sennebogen Maxcab, available for the first time in this machine class, and which can be elevated to a viewing height of 5.8 meters.

The machine is built to be compact and maneuverable with a rear radius of 2.42 meters and a width of 2.55 meters, Sennebogen says. The company adds that this latest generation of material handling machines offers some of the best values in terms of noise emission, for protection of the operator and the environment. Sennebogen reports that noise emissions have been reduced by as much as 50 percent from the previous model.

Additional features of the Sennebogen 821 M material handler include new standards in terms of fuel consumption and operating costs, with the 821 M loading and sorting arriving materials at two cycles per minute. According to Sennebogen, Eurometal has measured fuel consumption less than 9 liters per hour, exceeding the customer's expectations.

The material handler also offers Sennebogen’s new Sencon control system, offering idle stop automation and ECO Mode to save fuel. Furthermore, Sennebogen says, Optimode allows adjustments to be made for each area of implementation so that the machine can work at the highest level of efficiency. In combination with the optimized engine controller, savings of up to 25 percent are possible, Sennebogen says.