Eureka Tech Announces New Bay Area Location

California company recycles metals and electronics.

July 12, 2012
Recycling Today Staff

San Francisco area-based scrap metal recycling company Eureka Tech Recycling Services has opened a new recycling plant in the Bay Area. The new facility is geared to handle all types of recyclables, says the company, and an accompanying service center also will provide on-site recycling pickup service to businesses in the area.

In addition to handling ferrous and nonferrous metals, the new facility, located in Hayward, Calif., will will focus on processing electronic scrap.

“Our goal is to be number one in customer service,” says Sal Agredano, owner of Eureka Tech Recycling Services, says “Whether you are a corporate client or just walking into our yard to recycle, we will always try our hardest to provide the best recycling services and price.”

The company says it will provide a full suite of services for obsolete electronics, including dismantling, reselling some parts and shredding and recycling much of the material.

“As a business owner, I understand how time consuming the actual running of a business can be,” Agredano says. “On-site pick up will allow business owners easy access to scrap metal and computer recycling services in our area. This means less e-waste in our streets and less clutter in their offices,” he adds.