EuPR Reports Growth in Plastics Recycling

During its annual meeting the association calls for governments to recognize the success of plastics recycling efforts.

December 4, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Legislation & Regulations Plastics

Plastics Recyclers Europe has confirmed that the European plastics recycling industry is showing steady growth. The association noted the steady growth in plastics recycling efforts during its annual meeting, Nov. 21-22 in Amsterdam.

During the event EuPR noted that the association recently broke through the 100-member level and now has 114 companies. Additionally, the association’s management committee has been reconfirmed by its members, and Ton Emans, president of the association, has been re-conducted for a new mandate.

Emans, president of the association, says, “The coming years will bring radical changes in the plastics recycling industry. We need measures to create a market for recycled plastics so that the market pulls recyclable plastics out of the landfills. The market barriers restricting the use of recycled plastics should be lifted by the upcoming revision of the European waste legislation.”

Emans adds, “The recent public consultations made by the European Commission demonstrate that European citizens are asking to create sustainable plastics, which are recycled at their end-of-life. The Commission (European Commission), Parliament and member states will now have to translate these expectations into efficient legislations in order to steer the needed market changes.”

Members of the EuPR handle around 80 percent of Europe’s plastics recycling capacity and process more than 3 million metric tons of plastics per year.