Eriez Promotes CleanStream System for Shredding Plants

Equipment company says affordable, custom-designed system can create high-value ferrous shred.

September 18, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

Equipment maker Eriez, Erie, Pa., says its CleanStream™ process has been designed and tested to “provide best-in-class metal recovery rates and grade improvement with the help of three powerful Eriez products: the PokerSort®, P-Rex® Scrap Drum Magnet and Shred1® Ballistic Separator.”
According to Eriez, the PokerSort “extracts troublesome ‘pokers’ from the shred at an early stage. All potential ferrous material is then recovered when it passes through the P-Rex Drum, a magnet with a powerful circuit that is up to 40 percent stronger than older electro drums and offers improved ferrous recovery by one to two percent. The P-Rex is also capable of moving large spherical objects at twice the distance."
The next stage of CleanStream, says Eriez, is the Shred1 Separator, “which produces low copper content #1 Shred (defined by MSA’s RMDAS system as <.17%), a premium deliverable to the steel industry.” Eriez says the Shred1 uses “ballistics” to automatically separate high-grade, iron-rich ferrous from mixed metals and waste. It utilizes a high-speed conveyor belt and subjects the material to forces that push different materials into different trajectories. The result is that the smallest and purest items are pulled from the natural trajectory of the larger and less pure ferrous and ferrous composite items such as meatballs, tires, etc.
Toward the end of the CleanStream Process, the most pure ferrous items are transported to the #1 Shred chute and move to the stacking conveyor without the need for hand picking at this stage, according to Eriez.
Material not collected into the #1 Shred chute goes to one of two other collection chutes. The second fraction is larger sized ferrous items and lower grade ferrous including meatballs and wiring harnesses, as well as some waste. This stream represents the remaining 20 to 30 percent of the original stream and proceeds to the hand picking stations. Since the CleanStream Process has reduced the volume, the hand picking stations can be equipped with slower and narrower belts and now require fewer picking personnel, saving time and money, says Eriez.
“We know there is a defined need for an innovation such as the CleanStream Process in the recycling industry,” says Mike Shattuck, Eriez product manager - metals recycling. “The more ferrous material recovered from the shred, the greater the profit. Ferrous recovery represents the greatest opportunity scrap operators have to increase profits.”
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