ERecyclingCorps Collects More than 1.1 Million Devices in May

Trade-in provider works with retailers and carriers to increase volume.

June 28, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
ERecyclingCorps (ERC), a wireless device trade-in service provider based in Irving, Texas, has announced that it completed more than 1.1 million wireless device trade-ins in May 2013, setting an industry record for device collections in a single month. The company says this level of volume arises from the company’s focus on working with carriers to co-develop tailored retail programs for device trade-ins.
Throughout the month of May, ERC collected more than 37,000 mobile devices each day via incentivized in-store trade-ins, which equates to roughly one device trade-in every second that carrier retail stores were open in May, the company says. The 1.1 million devices represent more than 450,000 pounds of e-scrap diverted from landfills.  
“ERC’s extraordinary trade-in volumes demonstrate that in-store incentivized carrier-grade trade-in programs are fundamentally transforming the mobile device ecosystem,” says David Edmondson, CEO of ERC. “The success of our platform demonstrates that consumers are eager to unlock the value in their perceptually obsolete devices to obtain the latest technology at lower prices. Additionally, this milestone reflects that carriers understand the value of ERC’s model to offset rising device subsidy costs and enhance customer satisfaction and are scaling our programs to improve their bottom line.”
ERC reports that the 1.1 million devices collected represents an increase of more than 270 percent in total device trade-ins compared with May 2012. Year over year, it is an increase of more than 300 percent increase in total device trade-ins for smartphones.
“The growth in trade-in activity for smartphones reflects the consumers’ fascination with powerful connected devices,” adds Edmondson.  “Our data indicates the trend of customers upgrading to their second and third smartphone as they continue to seek new features and higher speeds.”
ERC reports that its collection platform is unlike others, because it is integrated into the retail environment and is designed as a transparent, convenient and secure trade-in transaction. These retail programs include device, seasonal or geographically targeted promotions, marketing programs and in-store staff training sessions. 
The devices collected via ERC’s carrier and retail in-store programs are resold in developed and emerging markets, the company says. 
Founded in 2009, ERC partners with wireless carriers and retailers to provide in-store trade-in credit. The company says it resells wireless devices in accordance with the R2/RIOS™ (Responsible Recycling Practices/Recycling Industry Operating System) certification standards and is a founding member of the Device Renewal Forum (DRF).