ARN, Ensartech Collaborate on ASR

Dutch organization links up with Ensartech to convert ASR into energy.

November 1, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
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From left: Hans van der Greef, director of ARN Recycling; Arie de Jong, CEO of ARN; Martin Ooms, CEO of Ensartech

The Dutch organization ARN (formerly Auto Recycling Netherlands) has set up a partnership with Netherlands-based plant operator Ensartech designed to help ARN “maximize the recycling of vehicles” in Holland. ARN is responsible for overseeing the recycling of end-of-live vehicles in the Netherlands.

After vehicles have been dismantled, shredded and metals have been recycled, ARN will ship the auto shredder fluff (ASR) to Ensartech’s new facility in Delfzijl, Netherlands, which has been built to convert up to 25,000 metric tons per year of such materials into energy. The ASR is expected to consist predominantly of plastics.

Dutch legislation and an EU directive have set a 95 percent recycling rate for end-of-life vehicles by 2015. Through Ensartech's smelting process, nonmetallic ASR will be subjected to high temperatures, which will then convert the ASR into energy and a slag product that can be used in construction projects. Ensartech says the smelting process it has developed produces up to 10 times less residue than some competing technologies.

The decision to partner on the project follows several months of research between the two groups as to whether the Ensartech facility could handle the ASR produced by ARN. “ARN is known for its pioneer position in reducing the harmful environmental impact of our car use, the pursuit of an ever-higher percentage of recycled material car, careful choices for reliable technological partners and the emphasis on cooperation with safe technologies,” says Martin Ooms, CEO of Ensartech.

“The motive here is to achieve the recycling rate (95 percent) and bring [the ASR] back as a new raw material for different product applications,” says Arie de Jong, CEO of ARN.

Ensartech is a part of a part of Capricorn Venture Partners, a Belgium-based venture capital firm.