Enevo Offers Real-Time Container Monitoring

One Collect service uses ultrasonic sensors connected wirelessly to a central server.

October 8, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

The equipment company Enevo, based in Espoo, Finland, has introduced the One Collect service, which has been designed for local authorities as well as for waste management and recycling companies. One Collect is designed to optimize waste collection logistics through real-time fill-level monitoring of bins and containers.

Enevo says One Collect clients do not have to invest in waste-level sensors. Through a long-term service contract, clients pay a fixed monthly rate per container for the information delivered by the One Collect system..

Fill-level monitoring of containers is achieved through the use of Enevo’s ultrasonic sensor, which is mounted to the container lid. The sensors are wirelessly connected to an Enevo One server and are compatible with any type of container or material stream, the company says. Container level readings are sent to the Enevo One server. Each day, Enevo sends to fleet management systems a dynamic route list of containers to be collected. The service includes a Web interface with fill-level status and forecasts, statistics, alerts and planning tools, the company says.  
Standard service contract durations start at three years. However, Enevo has developed a three-step sales approach that allows potential customers to test the system before signing a long-term contract. The first step, a few-week tech test, is offered at no charge.

According to Enevo, the use of the One Collect system allows clients to lower their waste collection costs and enjoy environmental efficiencies. Monetary savings of as much as 40 percent can be achieved by using the One Collect system, the company says.