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Dynamic Recycling rebrands as Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations

Onalaska, Wisconsin-based Dynamic Recycling, a full-service electronics and materials life cycle management company founded in 2007, has changed its name to Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations. The Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations brand encompasses all the company’s locations and divisions, including its flagship company, Dynamic Recycling; its information technology asset disposition (ITAD) division, Dynamic ITAD; and the IT hardware sales corporation, Minnesota Computers.

“The Dynamic Recycling brand has served us well for 11 years,” says Miles Harter, Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations CEO. “With that, it no longer best represents all of the value we offer our customers. E-recycling was just the start. The Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations name better reflects our dedication to providing our clients customized, secure and cos-effective solutions for all stages of the IT life cycle, including e-recycling, materials recovery, refurbishment or decommissioning outdated IT assets.”

Dynamic’s former divisions will now become solutions and services under the Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations brand, including e-recycling, ITAD, materials recovery, legislative recycling and program management, IT hardware sales, logistics and consumer returns/reverse logistics. With this centralized focus as a fully integrated electronics and materials life cycle management company, Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations says it can design, implement and manage a wide variety of completely customized and fully compliant solutions for its customers, giving them confidence that their assets and data are handled responsibly and securely.

Curt Greeno, president of Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations, says that while the name has changed, the company’s mission, core values and dedication to safeguarding customers and the environment remain the same. “As Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations, our commitment to excellent customer experiences, diligence in our processes and practices and protecting the environment will continue to guide us, just as they have since day one,” he says. “Our team members maintain their dedication to living our values and serving our clients while constantly striving to be better and do better. More than ever, our customers can have absolute confidence that Dynamic will get the job done right.”

Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations has locations in Onalaska; Nashville, Tennessee; and Minneapolis. The company creates customized service packages designed to safeguard its customers’ sensitive data and protect the environment from e-scrap and other pollutants.

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