Eldan Installs System in Germany

Company sells system to Estato Umweltservice.

November 15, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
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The German recycling company Estato Umweltservice GmbH has started up its third steel cleaning line, making it the largest processor of steel wire from used tires in Germany. The line came from the equipment company Eldan Recycling A/S, based in Faaborg, Denmark.

Henning Norgaard, Eldan Recycling’s territory manager at Eldan Recycling, says, “We are proud that Estato Umweltservice GmbH has chosen Eldan Recycling A/S to supply its third steel cleaning line as well. We have a long-term working relationship with Estato Umweltservice GmbH and has since 2001 been the competent supplier of our recycling equipment to the German company who, with its seven recycling lines, process a nominal capacity of 110,000 metric tons per year, making them one of the leading tire recyclers.”

Joseph Hösl, managing director at Estato Umweltservice, says, “We started tire recycling back in 2001 and in 2006 steel cleaning followed as we want to remain the innovator of tire recycling within our segment in Germany. We have high demands towards our business partners and Eldan Recycling A/S has been in a position to constantly meet our demands."

For more information, visit www.eldan-recycling.com.