Eldan Delivers Steel Cleaning System to French Recycler

RBSI has been able to clean steel wire from granulated tires.

August 22, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
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The Danish manufacturer of recycling equipment Eldan Recycling A/S has delivered a steel cleaning system to the French company RBSI. Since January 2013, RBSI has been able to clean the steel wire coming from the company's existing tire granulation line. The cleaned steel meets with the steelworks' quality requirements, according to Eldan.

The Eldan Steel Cleaning System is designed to process up to 2.4 metric tons of steel wire per hour with a minimum required purity of 96 percent, (free of rubber and textile), the manufacturer reports.

Eldan also reports that with the steel cleaning system, RBSI is able to clean the wire from the current production as well as wire from previous production. This has allowed the company to create a new revenue stream from what was previously a waste product. As an additional advantage the area previously dedicated to the old stock of wire will soon be available for use again.

Eldan says the steel cleaning system is the result of a close cooperation between Eldan and RBSI both before and after the contract was signed.

“The customer wanted to install the line in the existing buildings. It was quite a challenge to fit the complete system into 144 square meters,” explains Michael S. Andersen, project manager for Eldan.

For RBSI, the result is a win-win situation. The company can sell the steel wire with a profit and at the same time achieve a higher rubber yield, Eldan reports.

“We are very happy that RBSI chose Eldan despite the fact that they operate a granulation line from a competitor,” says Christian Duffau, sales manager at Eldan France.